13 September 2020

Rem - heartbreak

 I didn't watch this series before jumping into this, I just based off a compilation video of people disappointed because the main character rejected her. Knowing rejection sucks a lot, this is what I image she'll be when she's alone. Not sure if this is her character though.

12 September 2020

Magnum Ace

26 August 2020

Uzaki fix?

Well, looks like I'm couple weeks late to this twitter meme. but here's my Uzaki art, didn't really change her design. I think the only thing that's fixed (temporarily) is my laziness, it's been 10 years since I did a pinup girl illustration.

08 November 2017

finished roughs

stages of my career:
1) people pay minimum for bad drawings
2) people pay good money for good drawings
3) people pay great amount for bad drawings
4) ?


04 September 2014

fantasy landscape

12 June 2013

ADG sketch session

at ADG

22 July 2012

Beach Sketch

I have no idea who drew that rabbit? but thanks so much

26 June 2012

Concept Drawing

sketch with tone

22 June 2012

Storybaord Sample 08

second sample

Storyboard Sample 07

for frameworks artists, sample boards

10 June 2012

First Post After 4 Months

Animal drawings again

06 February 2012

I Draw a Frog

Froggie! Froggie!

27 December 2011

3 Years After

Long Beach

28 November 2011

matte painting


26 November 2011

costume figure

from Robin's class last week

05 September 2011

This is a Storyboard Frame

well, at least I finish this one

26 August 2011

Another Unfinished Picture

my goal in life is to finish ONE goddamn picture...

25 August 2011

Some Frames


11 July 2011

Ryu 15 Minutes Sketch due to Frustration at Work

first time did something like this